Simha Rashi

Simha Rashi Year 2013 Rashiphal

LionThis year will be favourable for you. Up to June period will be Above Avarage. You may develop negative thinking and a feeling of wretchedness during this time. Some unfulfilled desires may make you irritable as well. Avoid wandering about, as you are most likely to be disappointed during this particular time.
This is the time when you may need to consciously avoid arguments with your seniors at work and with your elders at home. If you are not careful, there is a chance that you might lose your position, honour and could even be transferred to a distant place.
Take care of your finances and keep them at a much safer place during this period.
Your health and that of your children would require your attention. Take care of your eyes and throat. This is the time when you may need to maintain an absolutely healthy lifestyle to ward of feeling of tiredness. Be careful enough not to endanger your children’s life with your negligence especially during this time.
From June onwards period will be auspicious for you, especially relating to work and finances. You are likely to make money in more than one way. Success comes from new undertakings or enterprises.
This is particularly good time to profit from activities relating to poultry farming or agriculture. You may also consider buying land or fixed property during this time. If you are unemployed, you may hear opportunity knocking at your door or get some lucrative job offers.
Those employed may get a promotion, increase in authority, or a pay rise. Attention is given to your intelligence, ability and effort and you are likely to climb up the social ladder.
There is a good chance of getting assistance with your work. You will succeed in any kind of discussions and be able to put your point across much more easily than before. You will feel a spring in your footstep denoting good health and vitality of spirit. Any previous ailments will vanish, bringing you comfort and happiness.
Home life too will be nourishing and full of conjugal bliss. Your spouse will be doting and more loving than ever. Your siblings and children will treat you well and be very helpful. Your enemies will be defeated and good luck and fortune will bless you during this time. For some, travel may also be on the cards.